Sailing for beginners

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In this Sailing Beginner article, I want to pay reefing the jib sail by means of a furling. A furling is composed of a plastic pipe or a spool like my jib sail which retains the furling line and is connected to the jib sail in the foot. The furling line is wrapped around the spool and once the line is pulled the furler spool rolls up the jib. Determined by the clew lines unfurls the jib, and the clew lines and the furler line could be controlled from the cockpit of the sailboat.

This is quite important feature particularly this time of year, as it can get very windy with gusts over 20 miles or more notably in a squall can come from nowhere quite quickly and if you aren’t ready the prospects of capsizing or getting hurt increases. You definitely want to learn how to sail a ship by being prepared beforehand rather than waiting until the last minute. The next time you’re sailing along with a squall comes your way, you’ll know¬†What does a Raccoon Sound like.

And to launch it, all I must do is pull on the front of the snap and pull out the line. You can find a clothing line tightener at any home improvement or hardware store.

Not too long ago I would wish I knew how to reef my jib as I was unprepared for what was going to occur. I’d just finished a running the lake and was planning to return to my point of origin. However, the wind died suddenly and I was starting to feel that it had been completed for the day and likely lowering both the mainsail and the jib sail and using the outboard for my return. However I my patience and estimation of seeing some storm clouds off in the distance moving quickly towards me paid off. In about 15 minutes the end made an enormous comeback which I had not expected what so ever. The end conditions went from calm to a strong breeze very quickly and struck me hard while in full sail. Wow!

Stay tune for my next Sailing Beginner post for the continuation of the report.

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